Alpina Zupo Set Helmet Blue 48-52 cm

Alpina Zupo Set Helmet Blue 48-52 cm
Brand: Alpina
Color: Blue
Size: 48-52 cm
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The ZUPO from ALPINA also pushes boundaries. Hard on the outside, super soft on the inside. The children’s hardshell helmet, as the name implies, has a hard shell that provides protection in the event of impact. At the same time, the impact-absorbing EPS inside the helmet also protects the shell. This keeps the helmet protected from damage even during transport, such as on the ski shuttle. Soft ears, a comfortable and removable inside cushion and a warming neck protector provide maximum comfort. If the helmet gets too hot on warm ski days, fresh air can be supplied to it through an intelligent ventilation system. The technical look, the high-quality Disney lacquer and the hardshell construction make the ZUPO a unique children’s ski helmet: stylish and safe. In the set with the ALPINA PINEY, beginner skiers are optimally protected. The smooth, soft frame with comfortable foam padding ensures a high degree of comfort when wearing. At the same time, excellent ventilation of the interior is ensured thanks to the active climate management through openings in the frame. The Fogstop coating prevents the lens from fogging up. As well as a clear view, the ALPINA PINEY also provides contrast enhancement: the Hicon technology sharpens contours and thus improves perception of your surroundings. This means that young skiers can always concentrate on the essentials: honing the perfect swing and having fun skiing. Features:Neck warmer:- Highly comfortable and pleasant climate due to neck warmer made of soft microfleeceTechnology:- Ergomatic: Easy-to-operate belt buckle with twist-proof, multi-stage automatic lock- Hard Shell: Hardshell guarantees a robust and impact-resistant outer shell- Hi-EPS: Optimum impact absorption thanks to Hi-EPS material made from microscopic little air chambers- Run System Ergo Snow: Precise size adjustment thanks to flexible adjustment system with a large, non-slip setting dial made from a two-component mix and two large cushions on the back of the head that distribute pressure- Venting System: Optimum air conditioning in helmet and glasses thanks to air vents in helmet shell- Y-Clip: Adjustable straps by ears