Alpina Panoma Qhm Ski Goggles Blue/CAT2 Black Matt

Alpina Panoma Qhm Ski Goggles Blue/CAT2 Black Matt
Brand: Alpina
Color: Black Matt
Size: Blue/CAT2
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Angular design and winning technologies - these are what make Alpina’s Panoma QM ski goggles stand out. Quattroflex, the top technology, makes sure that contrasts are kept sharp and distracting reflections are filtered out. Added to this is a high-quality mirrored lens that reflects infrared radiation and thus reduces strain on the eyes. The Fogstop coating on the inside prevents the lens from misting up. In addition, the lens is break-proof and guarantees 100% UV protection. The comfortable double-layer foam padding ensures comfort when wearing. Silicone strips on the goggle strap guarantee an optimal fit in combination with a ski helmet. The Panoma QM is best suited for wide faces. Features:Headband directly on the frame:- Easily positioned thanks to movable headband hooksOne layer shaped facial foam:- Shaped, single-layer face cushioningSpecifications:- Weather: sunny, cloudy - Frame type: full border- Fit index: L40- Filter category: S2- Standards: EN174Technology:100% UV-A, -B, -C-Schutz:- 100% UV protectionQuattroflex:- The Quattroflex technology increases contrasts and filters out disturbing reflectionsFogstop:- The anti-fog coating on the inside of the lens ensures a fog-free viewAirframe Venting System:- Fog-free view using an intelligent ventilation system in the spectacles’ frameDoublelens Thermoblock:- The Doubleflex technology creates a thermoblock that prevents the lens from freezingSkid Grip:- Glasses on the ski helmet sit without slipping thanks to rubber on the inside of the glasses strapVenting Lens:- Optimum ventilation and fog-free vision thanks to air vents in the lensCylindrical Lens:- Cylindrical lens offer a huge field of visionOver the Glasses:- Thanks to the oversized frame, the glasses can be worn over normal corrective lensesVenting Frame:- Optimum ventilation and fog-free vision without draughts thanks to air vents mounted on the side and bottom of the glasses frameMirror:- The reflective surface reflects infrared rays