Alpina Junta 2.0 Helmet S-M Black / Pink

Alpina Junta 2.0 Helmet S-M Black / Pink
Brand: Alpina
Color: Black / Pink
Size: S-M
63.99 GBP 85.23 GBP
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The Alpina Junta is a light helmet for ladies and gentlemen. Thanks to the ventilation ducts mounted on top of the helmet, the ventilation is controlled. The lining is coated with fleece soft material for a comfortable fit. Both lining and ear pads are removable and can be washed. Very easy and hygienic. The chin strap is also lined with fleece, which prevents the strap from shaving under your chin. Well so comfortable! At the back of the helmet there is a mounting clip for a skibrillator. The clip keeps the skibril in its place. The skihelm is well adapted to the head through the adjustable chin strap and the Run System Classic. A rotational movement can cause the helmet to be tighter or looser.