Alpina Double Jack Mag Qv Ski Goggles CAT1-3 Black Matt

Alpina Double Jack Mag Qv Ski Goggles CAT1-3 Black Matt
Brand: Alpina
Color: Black Matt
Size: CAT1-3
146.99 GBP
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From the piste to the powder run to the full ski trip, the DOUBLE JACK MAG Q with spherical lens is suitable for every purpose. In the MAG Q version, the DOUBLE JACK has a contrast-enhancing Quattroflex lens with polarising filter and a mirrored additional lens that is magnetically attached. Active ventilation flaps can be used to regulate the ventilation of the lens. The DOUBLE JACK MAG Q ski and snowboard goggles have a magnetic additional lens that can easily be removed during poor visibility conditions, and just as easily be reattached to the frame when the sun is shining. One pair of goggles, twice the fun on the piste. Active ventilation flaps that can be operated even with gloves allow fresh air to flow into the goggles. This keeps the lens from filming over on hot days or while climbing. The DOUBLE JACK’s frame construction is designed so that they can also be worn over prescription glasses. The comfortable frame adapts perfectly to your face and is pleasant to wear thanks to the soft foam padding. The adjustable hinge strap holds the goggles securely on your helmet.Features:- 3-layer facial foam- Shaped, multi-layer face cushioning- Hinge bandSpecifications:- Area of application weather: Cloudy, Overcast, Snowfall, Sunny, Very bright- Filter category: S1S3- Standards: EN174, EN ISO 18527-1- glasses wearers: Nein- Width of glasses: 175Technology:- 100% UV-A, -B, -C Protection: 100% UV protection- Airframe Venting System: Fog-free view using an intelligent ventilation system in the spectacles’ frame- Comfort Frame: Rubberised temple ends and nose pads with a soft insert guarantee a comfortable fit- Double Lens Thermoblock: The Doubleflex technology creates a thermoblock that prevents the lens from freezing- Fogstop: The anti-fog coating on the inside of the lens ensures a fog-free view- Magnetic Lens: Magnetic lenses for maximum flexibility- Mirror: The reflective surface reflects infrared rays- Over the Glasses: Thanks to the oversized frame, the glasses can be worn over normal corrective lenses - Quattroflex: The Quattroflex technology increases contrasts and filters out distracting reflections- Singleflex: Anti-fog single-pan lens with 100% UV-A, -B, and -C protection plus fogstop coating on the unbreakable polycarbonate lens- Skid Grip: Glasses on the ski helmet sit without slipping thanks to rubber on the inside of the glasses strap- Spherical Lens: Maximum field of vision thanks to spherical lens