Alpina Carat Helmet 48-52 cm Black / Yellow Gloss

Alpina Carat Helmet 48-52 cm Black / Yellow Gloss
Brand: Alpina
Color: Yellow,Black
Size: 48-52 cm
37.99 GBP 51 GBP
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Cool kids like cool designs. This is what the Carat, a classic and loyal companion to countless beginning skiers, offers. Despite the entry-level price, the Carat offers maximum safety and many features. The helmet is very lightweight yet sturdy thanks to the Inmold design. The polycarbonate shell connected to the Hi-EPS is unbreakable and scratch-proof, as well as UV-resistant and antistatic. The helmet can be adjusted to the child’s head using the Run system. A central dial allows the headband to be adjusted more loosely or more tightly. To keep the helmet from slipping off the head, the helmet’s strap is secured under the chin with the Ergomatic strap buckle with red button and multi-step automatic adjustment. The system can easily be used even while wearing ski gloves, and can’t open by itself in case of a fall. Thus the Carat gives parents a sense of security too when the children set out for their first turns on the piste.Features:Changeable interior lining:- Detachable, washable interior fittings ensure high degree of hygieneNeckwarmer:- Highly comfortable and pleasant climate due to neck warmer made of soft microfleeceTechnology:Ceramic Shell:- Durable outer shell thanks to the 3 shell constructionErgomatic:- Easy-to-operate belt buckle with twist-proof, multi-stage automatic lockHi-EPS:- Optimum impact absorption thanks to Hi-EPS material made from microscopic little air chambersInmold:- Low weight thanks to the inmold production where the upper shell is thermally connected with the Hi-EPSRun System Classic:- The Run System Classic, which is combined with the height-adjustable Custom Fit System, ensures optimal adjustment possibilitiesVenting System:- Optimum air conditioning in helmet and glasses thanks to air vents in helmet shell