4f Ski Goggles Flash Mirror/CAT3 Green Neon

4f Ski Goggles Flash Mirror/CAT3 Green Neon
Brand: 4f
Color: Green Neon
Size: Flash Mirror/CAT3
46.99 GBP
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Men’s ski goggles will provide long-lasting comfort and full protection for your eyes during winter activities.Features:INTENDED USE:- For skiers and snowboarders used on sunny and slightly cloudy days (filter:S3 / sunlight transmission:8-18%)SUN PROTECTION:- UV400 protects against ultraviolet rays (UVA, UVB, UVC) Flash Mirror coating protects against infrared (IR) radiationANTI-FOG COATING:- Anti-Fog coating reduces lens fogging when the temperature changesLENS:- Cylindrical, double lenses provide optimal contrast and viewing angles and reduce foggingFIT:- Elastic strap with length adjustment and silicone non-slip elements for a comfortable fit triple-layered velour finishing on the inside of the goggles adheres to the shape of the face, providing tight protection against wind and snowVENTILATION:- Ventilation holes in the frame covered with a thin layer of padding to ensure air flow between the goggles and the face.DURABILITY:- Easy-to-clean lenses made of durable polycarbonate ensure low weight and high damage resistance TPU frame ensures resistance to weather conditions Anti-Scratch coating protects the lenses from mechanical damageEN 174:2001 COMPLIANCE:- 4F goggles comply with the European EN 174 standard for personal eye-protectionTHE SET INCLUDES:- Case + protective pouch + wiping cloth + goggle user guide- The Anti-Fog cover reduces fogging up due to temperature changes.- Scratch resistant lens- The goggles comply with the European EN 174 norm regarding the personal eye protection. - The vents in the frames feature a thin padding and provide free air circulation between face and goggles - Flash Mirror coating protects against infrared radiation.- An elastic, silicone backed strap keeps the goggles in a right position. - An elastic, adjustable strap allows a comfortable fit - Thermoplastic polyurethane frames guarantee weather resistance - Soft, 3-layer velour foam padding adapts to face contours and thanks to its close fit provides a shield against wind and snow. - Category: S3 (sunnydays / light transmission: 8-18%)Specifications:- Main fabric: Polyurethane 100%