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Managing your group

If you have taken on the responsibility of organising the holiday for your party this year, you will also be happy to hear that we just ask you to sign a booking form, after which time we will deal with each individual so that you don’t have to become a full-time agent. 

Organising a ski holiday can sometimes feel like taking on a second job because many companies insist that you manage all the details for every member of your party.

At Highlife, we remove much of this work from you by assigning each individual with a holiday coordinator as well as online access to their account via a secure link.

This approach means that everybody in your party will have the control to edit and manage their holiday details, organise their ski packs, and check and pay balances at a time that suits them.  

For beginners or those who are looking for specific advice on ski tuition or other Snowtime options, our team of Dublin-based holiday coordinators are available to provide advice about lesson options and to help manage other holiday details.

“ I found the process of booking for my group really easy and after I made the booking, Highlife worked individually with all members of my party. ”
David Connolly