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Highlife Ski Discovery Tours - Morzine Programme

Each session has a colour rating.  Blue is suitable for improver/intermediate levels and above, Blue & Red sessions will be mainly on Blue but with a few Red runs necessary, so for lower intermediate levels and above, and Red is for intermediate or advanced levels with lots of Red runs in the circuit.

We have route maps covering a lot of these huge ski areas, along with contact numbers to book your lunch, where the best views are and even the short cuts home if the going gets too tough or the weather turns!

Morzine programme
Some of the routes we have planned for you are below (all times given are based on an intermediate skiers pace so you might be a lot faster or slower than that!):

Blue circuit  of Morzine-Nyon (2.5 hour circuit) - We will show you the highlights of this lovely area and give you a sense of the huge size of the full ski area.

Red "Peek Over" the Swiss Wall Tour (3.5 hour circuit) -  Discover the amazing skiing in this area, up to the highest summits, on a mixture of blue and red runs.

Blue or Red Mont Chery Tour (2 hour circuit) –  A great tour of where you may have already been on your lessons, but it never looks the same when you are without your instructor!