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Equipment in Val d'Isere

We are delighted to work with Boraso Sports in Val d'Isere who offer our guests excellent service matched with excellent equipment and a dedicated focus on fitting the right boots and skis or snowboards for each person.

The shop is in a great location right on The Snow Square from where you can access the pistes, plus our guests can leave their equipment there overnight.

They have a huge range of boots, skis and snowboards, and a full range of children’s equipment, as well as snowblades, cross-country skis and snow-shoe equipment.

If there is a particular brand of ski that you would like to reserve, please just let us know what size you need so that we can ensure it is waiting for you on arrival. 

  • You will enjoy a better experience and more value for your money because:
  • The ski shop is ideally located in the centre of Val d'Isere and is the closest shop to the slopes
  • We fit your equipment the day you arrive so you are ready to ski on the first morning
  • English speaking assistants available to fit your equipment
  • Excellent range of skis, snowboards and boots  

“ The ski hire shop was brilliant - there was never a queue and the staff were very helpful. ”
Ken Keating

Equipment in Val d'Isere from:

 AdultSkis SnowboardBoots
 Silver €111      N/a€51
 Gold       €128     €128€59
 Test €145     €145N/a
 Gold €47    €83€19