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The Niall Mellon Township Trust

The Niall Mellon Township Trust was started by Niall Mellon in 2002. His aim is to build quality social housing for impoverished families living in shacks in the townships of South Africa.

The charity operates a year round house building programme and are now the largest charity provider of quality social housing in South Africa.

Since the charity first started it has built 15,000 homes and that figure continues to grow. 10,000 volunteers have joined over the last 7 years, 6,500 from Ireland and 3,500 from South Africa.

Michele who worked on our holiday coordinators team during the 2010/11 season volunteered to work in South Africa in November 2010 and Highlife was proud to help by covering the costs of Michele's accommodation and travel costs in South Africa.

For more information on the Niall Mellon Township Trust and the work they do in South Africa, or to sponsor Michele (Foley) on her next trip, please visit their website. 

The Niall Mellon Township Trust